NSX – Troubleshoot NSX Controller cluster status, roles and connectivity

First up… overall status of the controller cluster:

1. Log into the Web Client.

2. Click Networking and Security.

3. Click Installation, then Management. From this screen make sure the controllers are healthy and connected (not red boxes under peers etc.):

You can also check the status on a controller cluster from ssh or the console by running show control-cluster status (I’ll also stick a screen grab of all the sub commands for show control-cluster):

Next up is Controller Roles, in any cluster something has to be the boss, be the primary or master etc. To check the role assign to an NSX Controller you need to SSH into the controller and run some commands.
Run the command “show control-cluster roles” (the controller with YES under the row MASTER is the master for that one role):

For completeness here is a screen grab of the second controller with “No” against the roles:

Last thing to check is Connectivity… again on the console of the controllers run the following: show control-cluster connections:

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