Setting Static IP on VMware IOAnalyzer Appliance

IOAnalyzer will boot and attempt to acquire a DHCP allocated address, if this process fails you will need to configure a static IP. To do this complete the following steps:

Log onto the appliance (via the vSphere Remote Console) with the username: “root” and password “vmware”:


Wait until the terminal displays the following error:


Launch YAST by typing yast into the terminal:


In YAST use your arrow keys to navigate to “Network Devices / Network Settings”


Press alt+i to edit the interface

Press alt+t to set a static IP

Press alt+i to enter a static IP

Press alt+s to enter the interface subnet mask

Press alt+o to enter the hostname:


Press alt+n to continue to the next screen:


Press alt+s to configure Hostname/Domain/DNS.

Press alt+t and enter the appliance hostname.

Press alt+d and enter the domain.

Press alt+1 and enter the DNS server (if required).


Press alt+u to enter the default gateway:


Press alt+o to save the configuration.

Press alt+q to exit YAST.

Type reboot into the terminal


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