VSAN Performance Testing

I recently carried out some VSAN performance testing using 3 Dell R730xd servers:

  • Intel Xeon E5-2680
  • 530GB RAM
  • 2 x 10GbE NICs
  • ESXi5.5, 2068190
  • 800GB SSD (12GB/s Transfer Rate)
  • 3¬†x 4TB (7200RPM SAS disks)

On each of these hosts I built a IOAnalyzer Appliance (https://labs.vmware.com/flings/io-analyzer) (1 with it’s disks placed on the same host as the VM and the other 2 with “remote” disks). Something similar to this:

VSAN Performance

VSAN Performance

I setup a storage policy with the following settings:

Name: vCrooky-Test-Storage-Policy-01
Failures to Tolerate = 1
Disk to Stripe = 1
Rule-Set 1:
Rules based on vendor-specific capabilities = VSAN
Number of failures to tolerate = 1
Number of disk stripes per object = 1
Matching Resource: vsanDatastore

I then created a new IOAnalyzer test profile with the following settings:

Name: VSAN_4k_70read_80rand.icf
Transfer Request Size: 4KB
Percentage Read/Write Distribution: 70% Read 30% Write
Percentage Random/Sequential Distribution: 80% Random
Test Duration: 2 hours

This test produced the following results:

IOPs: 24228.98
MS/s Transfer: 94.65
Latency (ms): 1.09

The performance should also increase as more nodes and/or disk groups are added to VSAN Cluster. This is due to the increased spread of VMs and the increased availability of SSD Cache drives. Quite impressive numbers for 3 ESXi hosts!

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