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What’s New with VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 –…

What’s New with VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 – Technical Whitepaper

What’s New with VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 –…

In case you have missed the VSAN 6.2 announce recently, there is also a PDF which has been released – What’s New with VMware Virtual SAN 6.2. The paper details what’s already being announced about VSAN 6.2. Note that I have also had the details written in my post here – VMware VSAN 6.2 Announced – Nearline dedupe, Erasure Coding, QoS ++ .

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VCAP Exam Experience

Last Friday I took the VDCA550 exam after agreeing I would study for it with a colleague (to be honest I was supposed to sit the exam in January…  but as I didn’t studying enough over the festive break I thought it best to give myself a few weeks solid study time and sit the exam in February).

The VCAP-DCA certification has been on my to-do list far too long and after my colleague passed the exam when he sat it in January the pressure was really on to get it done.

The exam is a live lab environment, my exam had 23 questions which are marked after the exam is finished. This means that you do not get an immediate pass/fail summary at the end of the exam like the VCPs or Microsoft exams, but instead you’ll be checking your email every few minutes until the score report is sent to you from VMware.

So here comes my obligatory VCAP blog post!

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Hugely honoured to be selected as one of 2016’s vExperts!

Big thank you to all the people who have helped and encouraged me, especially my gorgeous fiancé Aileen Stewart putting up with me working on my lab or writing blog posts (and occasionally coming home late after one too many vBeers!)

It really is a huge honour to be recognised and great that I get to work with a technology that excites me every day!

Thank you so much!