I’ve already built out the ESG that will serve as my DHCP server, check out my ESG Basics post for configuration steps, this post will focus solely on configuring the DHCP service on an existing ESG.

To configure DHCP, go to the ‘Networking and Security’ pane in the vSphere web client, then go to ‘NSX Edges’ and double click on the Edge instance you wish to configure DHCP on. Select Manage > DHCP:


First step is to create a new pool, this is done by clicking the green arrow:


Here you configure the usual DHCP pool options such as the start and end IP, DNS servers, and the default gateway. Once complete, click OK, and then publish your changes:


With a pool created, the next step is to enable DHCP. To do so, click the ‘Enable’ button, then publish the change:

DHCP-04Nice and short post… nice and easy process!

Next up I will configure a DLR to relay DHCP requests to this DHCP ESG. Post here (eventually!)

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