NSX – Segment IDs

Ok… It’s now time to create Segment IDs and this is one of the many huge advantages of SDN! In a way, you can think of these like VLANs for VXLAN … except you can have 16,777,216 of them.

Segment IDs will form the basis for how you segment traffic within the virtualized network. Although it is technically possible to use values between 1 and 16 billion, VMware has decided to start the count at 5000. This was done to avoid any confusion between a VLAN ID, which range from 1 to 4094. Quite a sensible approach!

Click on the Segment ID sub-tab and then click on the Edit button. In my lab, I’ve chosen to use the range 8000-10999 giving this environment 2999 VXLANs.

  • Segment ID Pool – The range of Segment IDs to use for creating network segments.
  • Enable multicast addressing – If you desire to use Hybrid or Multicast for your VXLAN network, check this box. I’m going to be using Unicast through this deployment.


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