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vSAN Default Storage Policy Per vSAN Datastore

Everyday is a school day!!

I recently asked the vSAN vExpert slack channel the following: “Is there a way to set a default storage policy for a specific vSAN cluster? Use case – shared vCenter server with 10 hybrid vSAN clusters and 1 “private” customer with dedicated cluster running AF vSAN. The Private customer wants to use RAID6 but their deployment method just now does not allow the selection of a storage policy. We can’t change the default policy as the other 10 hybrid clusters are using this (and also don’t have a way to select a policy during deployment).”

Slightly embarrassingly for me that I didn’t know this but Steve Kaplan (@stvkpln) told me how to do it!

If you browse to the vSAN datastore object then Manage then general you can set the default policy for that datastore. Simples!

vRNI 3.3 Cluster Upgrade Process

When upgrading a vRNI cluster you currently have to follow this KB from VMware:

This post will is just a quick run through of the process and how it went for me.

First step is to stop the services running on each platform or proxy appliance. To do this we just ssh to the appliance (username: consoleuser and password ark1nc0ns0l3 <- these are publicly available on the cli guide for vRNI – here) then “services stop”

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