NSX – Connect a Logical Switch to a NSX Edge

One thing to remember before we get started… NSX Edge either a ESG or a DLR.

1 – Log into the web client and browse to Networking and Security, then Logical Switches and highligh the Logical Switch you want to Join to a Edge. After that click the NSX Edge Icon (which in my case was a default “icon cannot be found” icon) to connect the LS to your Edge:

2 – Select the Edge you want to connect the LS to:

3 – The next set of options depend on if you are connecting to a DLR or to a ESG, in this example I’ll connect to a ESG as that is slightly more complicated. Click on the interface that you want to join this LS to:

4 – Click the green plus to add the interface IP address (you can also add an interface name, specify a MAC address and choose if this interface is an Uplink or if it is Internal):

5 – Last step is to click Next and check your settings then click Finish.

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