NSX – Deploy the NSX Manager Virtual Appliance

Ultra lazy and quick post running through the steps to deploy an NSX Manager Virtual Appliance.

The NSX Manager provides an aggregated system view and is the centralized network management component of NSX. NSX Manager is installed as a virtual appliance on any ESXi host in your vCenter environment.

      1. Download the NSX Manager appliance from VMware
      2. Right Click on your cluster and select “Deploy OVF Template”
      3. Browse to the NSX Manager OVA
      4. Select the check-box Accept extra configuration options then click  Next
      5. Usual EULA stuff… accept and click Next
      6. Type a Name and select a destination Folder then click Next
      7. Select your virtual disk format and Datastore then click Next
      8. Select your Destination Network then click Next
      9. Create a CLI “admin” User Password and CLI Privilege Mode User Password click Next
      10. Expand the Network properties and enter your NSX Manager Hostname, IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
      11. Last step is to expand DNS and Services Configuration sections. Enter your DNS Server List, Domain Search List, NTP Server list, and select Enable SSH
      12. Next Next Finish

    Just like deploying any other OVF!

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