NSX – Configure logging for NSX components according to a deployment plan

Couple of places need syslog setup in a NSX environment… first up is the ESXi hosts, not really an NSX specific thing but this can be done quickly by going to your vCenter, select your host then go to the Advanced System Settings and locate Syslog.global.logHost enter the details for the Syslog Server.

Next up is the NSX Manager, log  into the NSX Manager appliance, from the Manage Appliance Settings option, under Syslog Server click edit and enter the relevant details:

Next is on Edges (both DLRs and ESGs are configured the same way). From the Web Client Networking and Security plugin, select NSX Edges, then select the Edge to configure for Syslog then under Manage then Settings, Configuration then Details click change next to syslog servers and enter the Syslog Server details (you can enter two separate syslog servers to send logs to):

The last place is the NSX Controllers but I’m going to save that for Objective 8.1 which specifically calls out doing this via API.

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