It was recently pointed out to me that Part 2 of my DHCP on an ESG post didn’t happen… so 15 months later than planned… this is how we configure DHCP relay on a DLR!!

To configure DHCP Relay on a Distributed Logical Router, go to the ‘Networking and Security’ pane in the vSphere web client, then go to ‘NSX Edges’ and double click on the DLR instance you wish to configure DHCP Relay on. Select Manage > DHCP Relay:

First step is to click “Edit” next to “DHCP Relay Global Configuration then either type in the IP address of the DHCP Server to be used by this DLR next to IP Address, or click the green plus to specify a IP Set. The IP address (or IP Set) should be the IP address of the DHCP that is north of the DLR in this example this is the IP address of the Internal Interface of the ESG I setup on the previous post (here):

Next up is to click the green plus under DHCP Relay Agents, in here we need to select the Interface (Logical Switch) DHCP requests will be coming from. The Gateway IP Address will automatically update depending on what interface you select (I’ve blanked out the interface name and subnet here as I’m grabbing these screen shots from a “real” environment):

Publish the change and jobs a good’un!

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