NSX – Troubleshoot NSX Manager services

This post will focus on the NSX Manager, firstly showing how to check the service status on the gui then some NSX Manager log checks.

1. Open a Web browser window and type the IP address assigned to the NSX Manager.

2. Log in to the NSX Manager virtual appliance by using the user name admin and the password you set during installation and click Log In.

3.  Click on “View Summary”

Confirm the following services are started: vPostgres, RabbitMQ, NSX Management Service and the NSX Universal Syncronisation Service should you be running cross-vCenter NSX.

Next up is some log browsing… To access the NSX Manager logs you need to SSH into the NSX Manager appliance. There are two logs to have a look at the NSX Manager log and the System log. To view these logs type the following: show log manager or show log system

NSX allows you to run the following against most logs:

follow – to continuously update the logs
reverse –  to show the logs in the reverse order
last-  to only show the last n number of lines.

Examples of each below:

If you have configured a syslog serve these logs can also be viewed there (I use Log Insight and it’s great for troubleshooting NSX).



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