Misc. Notes

Slot Size Upper Limit


Slot Size Minimum


Copy and Paste

isolation.tools.copy.disable FALSE
isolation.tools.paste.disable FALSE

Storage Filters

config.vpxd.filter.vmfsFilter – false
config.vpxd.filter.rdmFilter – false
config.vpxd.filter.SameHostAndTransportsFilter – false
config.vpxd.filter.hostRescanFilter – false

Change Default SATP (Storage Array Type Plugin)

Log into the ESXi/ESX host.

To check the existing path selection policy:

# esxcli storage nmp satp list

Run this command to change the default pathing policy:

# esxcli storage nmp satp set --default-psp=policy --satp=your_SATP_name

Where policy is:

  • VMW_PSP_MRU for Most Recently Used mode
  • VMW_PSP_FIXED for Fixed mode
  • VMW_PSP_RR for Round Robin mode

Reboot the ESXi host to apply the policy. This policy will only apply to newly created LUNs.